In just 2 simple steps...

Switching the management of your investment property to Fuse Property couldn’t be easier!


Step 1: Download & fill in this template and send to [email protected]  

We will then send the completed template to the current agent on your behalf. This is a process that provides a clear line of understanding and communication between the outgoing agent and Fuse Property.

You will most likely need to give the current agent 30 days’ notice in writing. It can be more or less time depending on the agency, and where you are at in the tenancy. However we can handle this for you!


 Step 2: Fill in a couple of mandated forms

   These mandated forms relate to your instruction and authority to act on your behalf. We will send you these files by Docusign to make easy to complete. 

There is no printing or scanning required all signing is completed online and sent directly to us with a copy automatically emailed back to you.


 That’s it!

 We will sort everything else out for you!


Want to know more or just want to chat further?   

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